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Sinn Féin slams North Belfast petrol bomb attack

18 October, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast Gerry Kelly has slammed last nights sectarian petrol bomb attack. The attack, which saw both a petrol bomb and a brick thown at the family home, occurred around 11pm last night.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

"This was a lucky escape for the family of six who live at their home. If the petrol bomb had followed the brick though the front window we could very well be dealing with the loss of life or the destruction of a family home. This is how serious it was.

"This is not the first attack on nationalists in the past two weeks in North Belfast. We have seen houses attacked in Newington, a young man stabbed in the Mill Road area and an Ardoyne man intimidated from his work by a RHD death threat.

"What is clearly absent however is any voice from the areas MP, Nigel Dodds. He should be speaking out in defence of Catholics under attack form loyalism. This is not the case and I am calling on all unionist and loyalist representatives to show political leadership and help end these attacks."


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