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Families forced to rely on food banks under most stress - McKay

26 October, 2014

Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay has said the people under most stress are families who have been forced to rely on food banks as a result of the Tory cuts agenda. 

Speaking after the results of a European-wide bank stress test were published, Mr McKay said; 

"The European Banking Authority study found that 24 banks across Europe failed stress tests and are at risk of being shut down. 

"However, this pressure pales in comparison to the stress felt by thousands of families because of the austerity policies of the Tory-led British government. 

"While the pressures on banks will make headlines and exercise the minds of ministers, the plight of families who have been forced to go to food banks simply to survive barely gets a mention in the media. 

"Undoubtedly these millionaire cabinet ministers will leap to the defence of their banker friends and continue to heap pressures on the most vulnerable in society with their attack on the welfare state. 

"Sinn Fein will continue to oppose the swingeing cuts to our block grant and the welfare cuts agenda of the Tory-led government to protect those least well off in our society." 

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