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"Government must listen to the people on Water Charges" - Carthy

4 November, 2014 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Speaking in response to last weekend's large demonstrations against the government's plans to introduce water charges Sinn Fein MEP, Matt Carthy, has called on Fine Gael and Labour to listen to the very clear message from the people.

Carthy, who attended the demonstration in Monaghan Town on Saturday said:

“I was heartened to see such a strong turnout in Monaghan and in towns throughout the Midlands and Northwest constituency last Saturday.  I commend local organisers and all those who took to the streets to have their voice heard on this issue in a peaceful and dignified manner.

“It was very clear from the mood of the communities and families who protested, joined in solidarity with communities and families across this state, that there is a huge level of public anger and determination to defeat the water charges.

 “The establishment parties have shown once again that they are out of touch with ordinary people right across this state, people who are angry, who are frustrated, who are frightened and who are, frankly, sick to the back teeth of the lies and incompetence of those who hold power.

“The establishment of Irish Water has been a shambles from the very start as the fledgling body has lurched from one fiasco to another. There is a real fear that our water supply could be privatised. This week Sinn Féin is tabling a Constitutional Amendment Bill to call for a referendum to ensure that our water supply remains in public ownership.

“Sinn Féin has campaigned long and hard against the introduction of the water charges since the moment they were first proposed by Fianna Fail. We have shown that they are an unnecessary charge – we have outlined fairer ways of raising the revenue required.

“This Government was given a strong message on Saturday by tens of thousands of people across towns and villages in every county – the people do not accept the water charges. That message could not have been louder nor could it have been clearer.

“Yet Enda Kenny, in all his arrogance and pomp, made it very clear from his remarks on Saturday Evening that he has not heard that message, that he once again refuses to listen to the citizens who put him into office.  Since then we have heard of proposed cosmetic changes which fail to address the real concerns of communities and vitally, does not abolish water charges.

“I urge the Government parties to listen to the people on this issue and immediately stop the introduction of water charges”. 

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