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PSNI and SDLP prefer private discussions over public scrutiny

21 October, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has stated that the SDLP accepting assurances from the PSNI in closed meetings is an admission that the DPP's are unable to hold the PSNI to account.

Mr McCartney said,

"Over the past few weeks we have seen the SDLP in Belfast and Derry entering into private meetings with the PSNI and getting assurances which they are unwilling to make public.

"In the case of Ibhram Shoukri, a known Belfast Loyalist, who was allowed to walk free although he was blatantly breaking his bail conditions, the SDLP accepted assurances in a private meeting with Hugh Orde as to why the PSNI did not intervene.

"In Derry the SDLP accepted assurances from the PSNI over the use of CS Gas in the city, again in a private meeting".

"In both cases the SDLP refused to make public what assurances were given by the PSNI as to why Ibhram Shoukri was allowed to openly break his bail conditions or why the youth of Derry have been subjected to CS Gas on a near weekly basis.

"The SDLP who have previously championed the DPP's as the way forward to hold the PSNI to account in an open and transparent way have now failed to use this method. This is a clear admission that the DPP's are either unable to hold the PSNI to account or that the answers that the PSNI have provided would expose the untenable nature of the working of the PSNI.

"The SDLP must now explain why they have disregarded the DPPs in terms of holding the PSNI to account".

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