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Securing new financial package is a key talks objective - McGuinness

19 November, 2014 - by Martin McGuinness

Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has said securing a new financial package for the North is a key objective for his party in the current negotiations. 

Speaking in Derry at the first in a series of community engagement meetings by the Sinn Féin leadership, Mr McGuinness commented; 

"The current political and financial crisis facing the power sharing institutions has, in a large part, been caused by the British government's assault on the North's block grant. 

"Billions of pounds have been stripped from our budget over the last four years as the result of this austerity agenda by the British government. 

"This is obviously impacting on the ability of Executive departments to continue delivering public services and has exacerbated the political difficulties we are facing. 

"The British government must accept their responsibilities and bring to the table the political will to resolve the problem which they played a major part in creating. 

"That means they will have to deliver a new economic package for the North which undoes the damage caused by this assault on the block grant. 

"There is a growing consensus among all the parties that this needs to happen if the current negotiations are to reach a successful outcome. 

"This is a key objective for Sinn Féin and we are calling on all other parties to support us in securing a new financial package which will help secure the future of the power sharing institutions." 

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