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Sinn Féin opposes increases in MEPs secretarial allowances - de Brún

28 October, 2004

The European Parliament's Bureau is proposing to increase MEPs secretarial allowances. MEPs currently receive an allowance for secretarial costs and administrative staff of 12,000 euro per month. The Bureau is proposing to increase this to 14,000 euro. Sinn Féin is opposing the proposed increase.

Speaking today Ms de Brún said:

'MEPs currently receive an allowance which is more than sufficient for the needs of operating within the EU institutions and from home. The allowance covers staff salaries and other administrative costs. Operating within the constituency and in Brussels and Strasbourg involves a level of administrative costs. However, to suggest an additional 2000 euro per month would be excessive.

'There is a widespread perception that the EU is financially excessive and squanders significant levels of money. There is no real mechanism to provide adequate transparency or checks on how such money is used. Granting an increase to the allowance will only reaffirm that perception.' ENDS

Note to editors: Sinn Féin MEPs do not take their full salaries. All elected party representatives receive an average industrial wage and the remainder of the salaries is used for providing constituency services.

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