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Not the job of PSNI to protect RUC legacy at inquests

30 November, 2014 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin Policing Board Member Pat Sheehan has said that the job of the PSNI in inquests relating to controversial killings involving British State Forces is to provide correct information and not to cover up for RUC Special Branch or other officers.

 Speaking after Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris appeared in front of the coroner John Lecky in response to the length of time it is taking for disclosure of documentation Mr Sheehan said,

 “It is clear from briefings given to the Retired Police Officers Association that some officers are more concerned in protecting the past history of the RUC as opposed to providing the proper documentation that will allow the inquests to proceed and this is totally unacceptable.

 "It is not the job of the PSNI to protect the legacy of the RUC but to provide the correct and entire information so that the inquests can take place.

 “It is also unacceptable that the majority of the people who are working on the documentation are former RUC Special Branch officers who have a clear conflict of interests in the proceedings.

 “I am encouraged that the coroner has now demanded that the documentation is released so that the families of those killed by the British State Forces can have an inquest and begin to get to the truth of how their loved one lost their life.”

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