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Unacceptable to see boarded up houses while families are homeless- Cllr Reilly

15 December, 2014

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly has said it is a crime to see houses remain boarded up when families are living in emergency accommodation and on people’s couches.

She said,

‘I hate to see houses boarded up when so many families are in desperate need of homes.  For example there are two houses boarded up for the last number of years in Oldtown, Santry.  At least one of these properties has been surrendered back to the bank which is Permanent TSB, yet the bank does nothing with these homes.  They are being used as a dumping ground for litter and the council has to maintain them on a regular basis.  I can safely say I have been asked about these houses 20 to 30 times in the last year.  People are even offering to do them up themselves they are that desperate for a roof over their head. 

 She further added,

‘The derelict site levy is supposed to encourage owners to keep their property in good repair yet it is having little effect as since 2008, 65% of the site levy remains unpaid.  It seems to be quite acceptable to the council to have such high levels of non-payment on a 3% levy.  Houses like these in Santry are a nightmare for any residents living beside them as they attract anti-social behaviour and dumping.  I don’t want to see a situation where these houses are left boarded up in six months’ time.  Dublin city council has to negotiate with the banks and the owners to get them back in use and families living in them’.

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