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DUP must recognise reality of Agreement Agenda

1 November, 2004

Sinn Féin Vice President, West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has said that the DUP need to recognise the reality that a rejectionist minority will not be allowed to veto the process of change set out in the Good Friday Agreement. Addressing the Sinn Fein all-Ireland forum in Belfast today, Mr Doherty said:

"The majority of the electorate in Britain and Ireland, the majority of political parties and the two governments are for the Agreement. The simple truth is that there will be no deal except on the basis of the Good Friday Agreement. The DUP need to recognise this and if they won‚t or can‚t accept that reality then the process of change must proceed. A rejectionist minority cannot be allowed to veto or paralyse a process which is supported by everyone else. The primary responsibility for this rests with the two governments.

For our part Sinn Fein will energetically pursue our agenda of change across all of the issues identified in the Good Friday Agreement, including the all-Ireland, equality, human rights agendas. " ENDS

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