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Brian Hayes continues to demonstrate his detachment from Irish voters- Lynn Boylan MEP

17 December, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has labelled Brian Hayes’ comments regarding Sinn Féin this morning as, “laughable and inaccurate.”

Speaking from Strasbourg Ms Boylan said:

“Unfortunately the latest round of untrue and childish commentary from Brian Hayes has become par for the course. It appears Brian has lost the run of himself since he moved out to Brussels.
Sinn Féin has never excused the fact that the domestic economic policies of Fianna Fáil fed into the economic crises. Sinn Féin challenged those policies of back into 2007 we flagged that the continued reliance on the housing market was unsustainable.  We also criticised Fine Gael on its auction style politics before that last general election, and we will continue to do so as they implement the austerity programme that Fianna Fail brought in after the crash.

However, that does not absolve the ECB and the EU Commission for their role in both creating the economic crisis and then post-crash, heaping the burden on those least able to pay. We are not going to apologise to anybody for highlighting this in Europe.

For Brian Hayes to equate the thousands of people out on the streets protesting against austerity and the water charges as being somehow racist and anti-European is very ignorant . Clearly people are hurting and maybe Brian should spend some more time listening to the voters who are suffering under the policies of the Fine Gael and Labour.

Instead of making these inaccurate observations, Brian Hayes’ time would be better spent looking out for his constituents back home in Dublin. The Irish people want someone to be seen to be standing up for them in Europe and challenging things and not just getting the pat on the head like Mr. Hayes who just wants to be the best boy in the class.”

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