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Curran slams government on Gender Recognition Bill

19 December, 2014

Sinn Féin councillor & LGBT advocate Chris Curran has slammed the Government in the wake of the publication of the Gender Recognition Bill.

Councillor Curran said the Government is not listening to the transgender community.

He said;

“It seems like the government is imposing a form of piecemeal statutory gender recognition.  They just aren't getting the message.

“The overriding principal here is that one's gender identity is for the individual to decide and its the state's role to facilitate the rights of the individual.

“This is another example of the government telling the LGBT community what our rights are rather than asking us what we want.

“Much as I welcome the governments announcement that we'll have the Marriage Equality referendum next year - why should we have to ask for our rights?

“Whether it be Marriage Equality, Gender Recognition or Employment Rights, the government should be facilitating our rights rather than us having to ask.

“This is another example of where our legislators are failing to keep up with the will of the people and is proven in that Ireland is shamefully the only EU country not a legislate for gender recognition. 

“This Gender Recognition Bill needs severe amendment because its patronising and borders on insulting the transgender community. 

“The bill indicates that transgender people need to be ‘diagnosed’ as such. Imagine a gay person needing to be ‘diagnosed’ as gay. A transgender person knows his or her true gender identity and this verification process is horrific.

“In relation to younger people and the need to be brought before a court. This represents another example of the government’s lack of understanding of the issue.  

“When a young person realises his or her true gender identity and is supported by the parents, the state should be obliged to carry out their wishes as individuals.

“The government is clearly amateur in this area and must engage heavily with the transgender community, listen to its needs and document its requirements before this Bill is passed into law.”


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