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Use of guillotine on Water Services Bill another broken promise from government

20 December, 2014 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin Seanad Leader David Cullinane has said the decision by the government to impose the guillotine on the Water Services Bill is another broken promise by the government.

Senator Cullinane said the bill is an unmitigated disaster.

He said;

“The imposition of the guillotine on this bill is a clear breach of the government’s promise not to do so.  This is yet another broken promise from the government as we head into the Christmas break.  We have come to expect nothing less from this government as it limps on from one crisis to the next.

“The Water Services Bill is an unmitigated disaster.  The government is all over the place on this issue.  They have no idea of their figures.  For that reason alone the bill should be rejected.

“But the overwhelming argument against this bill is the will of the people as expressed in the protests across the state over several months when hundreds of thousands of people came out against these charges.

“The government says it is listening to the people but the reality is very different.  The people are demanding the complete scrapping of domestic water charges.  The government is ramming through this seriously flawed legislation to facilitate these water charges.”


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