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Dublin West needs a new type of politics - Cllr Natalie Treacy

5 January, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Natalie Treacy has claimed that Dublin West is in need of a new kind of politics, far removed from the “diet Fine Gael” party proposed by Lucinda Creighton.

Cllr Treacy said:

"Ordinary people don't want a return to the politics of old, over the past few days a new political party has been announced in Ireland, but I don't feel a sense of great change on the way. 

"The reality is Lucinda Creighton voted for every austerity measure this government proposed and supported their programme for government. She has said that her new party will be standing in every constituency in Ireland, Dublin West is obviously included in that.

"The people of Dublin West won't be fooled into voting for "diet Fine Gael" , what the people want is a party to fight for the interests of ordinary people, not bankers, speculators and the elites.”

Cllr Natalie Treacy has called on the people of Dublin West to support radical change and new direction by voting for Sinn Féin in the next general election. 

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