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Matt Carthy challenges Taoiseach & Tanaiste to witness their legacy

5 January, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Speaking today in relation to comments from the leaders of Fine Gael and Labour in today’s newspapers, Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West Constituency, Matt Carthy has challenged the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste to join him on a visit to any rural town in his constituency to see the impact of the Government’s policies before giving themselves a pat on the back.

Carthy said:

“While Enda and Joan gave themselves a very public pat on the back today, many from my constituency ask themselves- where is this much lauded economic recovery?

“The reality is that for those outside of the large urban centres, as well as for many inside, there is little evidence of improvement in the economy for them as unemployment, emigration and lack of investment remain par for the course.

“It is laughable that three years into a programme for Government and just over a year at most from a General Election, our leaders suddenly develop an interest in a fair recovery, in economic stimulus, which Sinn Féin has been arguing for all along.

“It is even more laughable that our leaders genuinely expect the people to believe their rhetoric – Enda Kenny and Joan Burton fail to realise that they have lost the trust of the Irish people a long time ago.

“Do they expect people to forget that this is a Government which has reneged on countless electoral promises, which has introduced one regressive budget after another and which has done nothing to help revitalise rural Ireland to date?

“Who could forget the brutal cuts to the respite care grant, the increase in student fees despite explicit promises to the contrary and of course, the introduction of the family home tax and water charges?

“The articles in today’s newspapers from Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tánaiste Joan Burton are nothing but coordinated spin from this Government and a feeble attempt to hoodwink the people.

“Unfortunately, we are likely to be subjected to more of this guff as a general election approaches and auction politics becomes the order of the day while Fine Gael and particularly Labour grapple to hold on to their seats at any cost.

“I challenge Enda Kenny and Joan Burton to join me on a visit to any town in my constituency where I will show them the fruits of their legacy of mass emigration and minimal government investment.”

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