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Sinn Féin will not allow IMC to subvert Agreement

3 November, 2004

Speaking today in advance of the expected publication of the IMC Report tomorrow, Sinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew said the contents of the Report were of little interest to nationalists or republicans.

Ms Gildernew said:

" The IMC is a tool of the anti-Agreement securocrats. It sources its reports in information from the Special Branch, MI5 and British Military Intelligence. These are the very same agencies who conducted a campaign of state sanctioned murder against the nationalist community for decades.

" The IMC operates entirely outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and parties cannot on one hand claim to be pro-Agreement and on the other give credence to reports produced by this organisation.

" The purpose of the IMC is to subvert the peace process and provide cover for anti-Agreement elements to seek the exclusion of republicans from any future political institutions. They have no credibility and the contents of tomorrow's report are of little interest to nationalists or republicans. Our focus is on seeing the Good Friday Agreement implemented not subverted by the IMC or anyone else." ENDS

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