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Sinn Féin only Party that can bring about required change -“Independents cannot deliver” states MEP

11 January, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

The MEP for Midlands North West, Matt Carthy, is today addressing the AGM of Co Leitrim Sinn Féin.  In the course of his remarks Mr. Carthy said that he believed that attacks on his party would intensify over coming months.  This is because, he contended, those most interested in maintaining the status quo realise that Sinn Féin are best positioned to bring about real radical change.  On the other hand Mr. Carthy stated that Independents simply cannot deliver the transformation that is required in Irish politics.

Mr. Carthy said:

“In Greece today Sinn Féin’s friends in Syriza are on the cusp of delivering a historic election result.  There are lessons for us in Ireland and there are signals from Greece of what we can come to expect over the coming year.

“Syriza have endured a sustained period of attack – not only from the Greek establishment but also from the great and the good across Europe.  In other words, those who want to maintain the status quo realise that in Greece it is Syriza who are best placed to bring about the radical change that the people of Greece deserve.

“In Ireland it is Sinn Féin who are positioned to bring about the new policies and politics that are required.  Our vision of unity, equality and fairness is resonating with more and more people every day.  For that reason I have no doubt that attacks and smears on our party will intensify to unprecedented levels in the months ahead.  The establishment parties of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour will undoubtedly lead the charge but they will be joined by elements within the media, celebrity economists and the usual austerity junkies at home and in Europe.

“For our part we must carry on selling our positive vision for a better, fairer Ireland.  Because, it is only Sinn Féin who can bring about the transformation in Irish politics.  There are many others who, as Independents, have progressive, positive policies but they simply cannot deliver the change that is required.  That is why, after all, they simply don’t instil the same trepidation within the establishment.  In Ireland, and right across the world, when fundamental democratic political change has been brought about it has been led by a coherent, united movement or party – and never by loose alliances of independent politicians.

“I am not saying this to have a crack at those Independent politicians, many of whom make a valuable and positive contribution.  I say this because I believe we are in a position to make a giant leap towards a new Republic based on the ideals of prosperity and fairness.  This can only happen through the leadership of a strong, united party – Sinn Féin is that party and 2015 can be a key period in the delivery of that vision”.

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