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Litter bin removal across Dublin City makes no sense - Cllr Reilly

14 January, 2015

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly has criticised Dublin City Council for removing litter bins across the city.

She said,

‘I think it is completely ridiculous that the council removes litter bins as a means of combating illegal dumping.  There have a number of bins removed over the last year including bins from public parks.  I don’t see the point in this.  People in some areas have nowhere to put their litter so where does it go?  Most likely on the ground.  We have a huge issue with dog fouling in some areas and we are trying to encourage people to pick up after their pets.  If there are no bins then it gives some people the excuse not to clean it up.’

There are no figures available for the number of bins removed from specific different areas of the city over the past 3 years. Dublin City Council are in the process of upgrading our computer records systems and electronically tagging all our litter bins so such information should be available in the future once this process is complete. There are currently approximately 3,360 litter bins in place across the city.

She further stated,

‘We discussed this at length at the recent Northwest area committee.  Going forward

Councillors are to be informed of any proposal to remove a litter bin and the reason for such a proposal.  If it a very sad state of affairs when we can’t have bins for people to put their waste. 

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