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Councillor Graham slams South Dublin County Council management

14 January, 2015

South Dublin Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan Graham has called again on South Dublin County Council to reconsider their decision to change payroll arrangements. This decision will mean that CE scheme participants and supervisors will have their payment shifted from a weekly to fortnightly basis. 

Cllr Graham said; 

‘Earlier on in the week I called on South Dublin County Council to reconsider its decision. This decision was taken without the consent of the affected participants. It is a breach of not only their contracts and due process but a direct contradiction to the Department of Social Protection’s own guidelines. The guidelines state that any change to the frequency of their payment must be in tandem with the participants consent. 

On the back of this announcement I tabled an emergency motion condemning this decision and noting the Council’s ‘support in upholding the terms and conditions with special regard to weekly payment’ and noting the disregard for the department’s own guidelines by the management. 

Despite the fact that this motion was agreed unanimously the management proceeded to go ahead with its decision, demonstrating its utter contempt for the ruling of this Council. It also shows complete contempt for those participants who struggle to get by on a low income. Financial budgeting is made easier for these people through weekly payments.

I am again calling on the Council management to not only reconsider their initial hasty decision but to uphold the view of the members of this Council'

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