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Curran praises council's support for Marriage Equality Referendum while welcoming Minister's decision to come out

19 January, 2015

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown county councillor, Chris Curran welcomed today's cross party support for Sinn Féin's motion to extend marriage rights to same sex couples ahead of May’s marriage equality referendum.

"The success of May’s vote will be the most significant milestone in LGBT rights since decriminalisation in 1993. However, I fear complacency and confusion could jeopardise a positive outcome.

We shouldn't take a favourable result for granted nor underestimate the resources of those advocating a no vote.

There is a huge body of work ahead for LGBT activists, prominent public figures and politicians to ensure that the vote gets across the line.

Those in favour of Marriage Equality need to get involved like never before. There is a huge prize to be won, but it won't be easy" he said.

Curran referred to Minister of Health, Leo Varadkar's decision to come out as a brave and positive decision, hoping that the Minister finds somebody to share his life, if that's what he wants.

An LGBT cabinet member in an Ireland with full marriage equality for members of the gay community, is long way from the dark and depressing days of isolation, criminalisation and persecution.

However we must remain mindful that LGBT people are marginalised and still far more likely to suffer poverty and mental health difficulties in the current with social conditions while homophobia is still pervasive in Irish society.

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