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Further proof that government austerity policies had a detrimental effect- Lynn Boylan MEP

22 January, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has commented on the latest CSO statistics indicating that the number of children trapped in poverty has risen to 140,000.

Speaking today from Brussels Ms Boylan said:

“I am irritated when this coalition government harps on at length how Ireland is on the road to recovery and how after years of austerity we have received the pat on the head from our European neighbours applauding us for acquiescing to these policies.

The CSO statistics also show that the government will miss it anti-poverty targets, with more than a third of young people in Ireland experiencing enforced deprivation.

So who is this economic recovery for? Ireland is experiencing one of the highest rates of youth employment. A lack lustre youth guarantee programme and a Job Bridge scheme beset by scandal after scandal is hardly making a dent in this figure.

Our elderly citizens often have to make the choice between eating or warming their homes, when they’re not lying on trollies in A&E or languishing in hospital bed while they wait for a non-existent nursing home place.

A lot of our families are facing into a year where home repossessions are set to sky rocket and Irish house prices continue to rise six times more than the EU average.

With water charges set to take what little is left in people’s pockets, it’s time for change. Change before more of this States children descend into poverty.”


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