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Holocaust genocide must never be forgotten - Seán Crowe TD

25 January, 2015 - by Seán Crowe TD

Speaking on the Annual Holocaust Memorial Day  Sinn Féin's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Seán Crowe TD, has said that the genocide and horrors of the Holocaust must never be forgotten.

Deputy Seán Crowe TD:

"Today is the annual memorial day for one of the most horrific crimes that was ever committed in Europe or the World.

"The planned genocide and extermination of the Jewish population by the Nazi regime is one of the bleakest moments in human history.

"This brutal plan saw over 6 million jewish men women and children murdered.

"Other groups such with mental or physical impairments, Gypsies,  Slavs, and other groups or individuals who who spoke out or tried to  resist the fascism also experienced the horrors of Nazi concentration camps.

"Unfortunately we are currently seeing a resurgence of far right groups in Europe and anti-semitism, including violent attacks, have seen a sharp increase in recent years.

"Collectively we must unite to eleminate anti-semitism from society and never forget the horrors that led to the Holocaust and murder of so many innocents.."


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