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Hampton Wood Residents left isolated as link road fails to be constructed – Cllr Reilly

26 January, 2015

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly is calling for the Department of Environment to reinstate funding for Ballymun regeneration projects still left to be completed including the link road between Hampton Wood residents and Ballymun.

She said,

“There are 400 housing units and 487 apartments built in the Hampton woods area between Ballymun and Finglas.  Planning permission was granted as per the BRL master plan to build a link road link these homes with the amenities in Ballymun.  The construction of this road was cancelled when funding was cut for the regeneration as well.  This decision has left many families isolated from schools, buses and other resources within the area.  I know of one family where the parent is unable to walk long distances due to an ongoing medical condition and has to get taxies every day to the local schools in Ballymun with her children as there are no direct buses. For any residents without a car this situation has very much left them isolated. 

Another impact of this is the increased traffic on the already busy Jamestown road.

She further added,

“This frustration among some residents has led to an unofficial gap being created in the fence that separates the estate and Ballymun.  This in itself has led to other safety concerns among residents as you can imagine.   I am calling on the Department of Environment to provide the funding to finish of all projects that were set down in the master plan including this link road as well as others.”

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