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Future of O'Devaney Gardens and Croke Villas flat complexes unclear- Cllr Janice Boylan

27 January, 2015

Dublin Sinn Féin Councillor Janice Boylan has stated that there is still no clarity regarding the future of the flat complexes in O'Devaney Gardens and Croke Villas after speaking with Dick Brady Senior Housing Manager of Dublin City Council today.

Speaking today from her home near O'Devaney Gardens and having lived in the flats for most of her life, Cllr Boylan said:
“It is still unclear what proposals are in place to house homeless families in these two complexes. The Department of the Environment took a walk around O'Devaney Gardens last Thursday and has received the report from the council, highlighting what work needs to be done to bring these units up to standard. However the Department is yet to come back to DCC with a definitive response as to what it intends to do.

I would again urge Minister Kelly to seriously consider what opening these units back up even in a temporary capacity would mean for the area. These are not suitable for homeless families as they were due to be demolished as soon as they have been fully de-tenanted. The remaining families left in O'Devaney Gardens and Croke Villas deserve to be re housed ASAP and a complete regeneration project needs to be seriously considered for these sites.
A patch work, half thought out attempt at fixing the homeless crisis will not work in areas that need a full regeneration project to bring a once thriving community back. Minister Kelly needs to go back to the drawing board and come back with housing plans that will actually work and benefit the many people in need of decent quality affordable housing.

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