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Justice continues to be denied to Magdalene survivors – McLellan

29 January, 2015

Sinn Féin Cork East TD Sandra McLellan today criticised Government legislation on the Redress for Madgdalene survivors scheme as it does not adequately provide for the healthcare needs of those who were resident in the homes.

Deputy McLellan was speaking in the Dáil on the Women Resident in Certain Institution Bill 2014, which was presented by the Government to address deficiencies in the promised healthcare support care package for Magdalene survivors, but which falls far short in its provisions.

Deputy McLellan said:

“Magdalene campaigners and human rights groups have called this Bill “unacceptable, unfair and full of broken promises.”  Sinn Fein is in full accord with the assessment of these groups.

The Government package falls well short of what was recommended by Mr Justice John Quirke who designed a restorative justice scheme for the Magdalene survivors.

“Judge Quirke recommended that each woman should receive a card entitling her to the full range of health services provided to state-infected Hepatitis-C survivors under the HAA (Health Amendment Act) card scheme. Instead, the Bill promises little more than the regular medical card

“The Government needs to explain why it is not providing for the appointment of care representatives. As with the heath care deficiencies, this is just one more critical recommendation that has been ignored within the context of the bill - without explanation of any kind. The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is also not being extended to Magdalene women who lack full capacity. This is yet another recommendation by Justice Quirke that has patently been ignored by the Government.

“The government agreed in public and on the Dáil record to implement Judge Quirke’s recommendations in full. Justice for the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries must be seen to be done.  The proposed government Bill as now constituted, and in its current form fails to do that.”

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