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Electing a Sinn Féin TD will be the first step in achieving a brighter future for Carlow and Kilkenny - Cllr. Kathleen Funchion

29 January, 2015 - by Kathleen Funchion TD

Sinn Féin has selected Cllr. Kathleen Funchion to contest the forthcoming by-election in Carlow/Kilkenny.

The convention, which was attended by party members from all over the constituency, took place in the Lord Bagenal Hotel, Leighlinbridge, Co.Carlow tonight.

Cllr. Funchion stated that she is a voice for all those struggle to make ends meet under the pressure of the burdens forced upon them by the Fine Gael & Labour Party Government.

Funchion received strong endorsements from Sinn Fein Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD and Liadh Ní Riada MEP who were also in attendance.

Speaking at the convention, Cllr Funchion said;

“We need to ask if the people of Carlow & Kilkenny really want to send another Fine Gael TD to sit on the backbenches to rubber-stamp the kind of decisions that have devastated families and communities across this constituency.

“Or do they want to send another Fianna Fáil TD to watch on as the government implements their policies?

“Rural towns and villages, such as Leighlinbridge, where we are tonight and across Carlow and Kilkenny are devastated by the curse of emigration.

“Across Carlow and Kilkenny housing is at crisis point. There have been 22 cases of homelessness in the first two weeks of this year alone in Kilkenny City. And people lying on trolleys at St Luke’s Hospital because of overcrowding.

“This is not the Ireland that the 1916 leaders envisaged, in Carlow Kilkenny or anywhere else in 2016.

“I will be a voice for people who go out to work every day, rushing around in the morning, trying to get kids out the door while worrying about bills, thinking will I try to pay the gas or electricity this week.

“I will be a voice for mothers who struggle with the cost of childcare.

“I will be a voice for families that are burdened by mortgages.

“I will be voice for the unemployed who believe that Australia, the USA or Canada are the only options for them.

“I want to be a voice for the people of rural Ireland who are discriminated against because of where they live.

“Electing a Sinn Féin TD will be the first step in achieving a brighter future for Carlow and Kilkenny. It will be the first step in achieving a brighter future for this country.”

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