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Support Sinn Féin Day of Action against water charges- Councillor Daithí Doolan

30 January, 2015 - by Daithí Doolan

Dublin Sinn Féin city councillor Daithí Doolan has urged all those opposed to water charges to come out and mobilise in their local communities tomorrow the 31st of January.

 Cllr Doolan said:

 "Sinn Fein has organised a number of events across Dublin as part of a day of action against water charges. We would encourage people to attend their local picket, protest or march.

 This government must be held to account for imposing water charges. These charges are opposed by the majority of the public. This was proved time and time again, with hundreds of thousands marching against water charges last year. The government has no mandate to charge us a second time for our water. The plan must be scrapped and Irish Water put in the rubbish bin of history. 

 The public are not fooled by the spin and bribes from Minister Alan Kelly. People remain committed to bringing this campaign to a successful conclusion. We know tomorrow's protests might not bury the water charges but they will ensure that the pressure is mounted on a government that is punch drunk and on the ropes. 

 The water charges will only be beaten if this government or any incoming government repeals the water charges bill. Sinn Féin is up for that challenge. For us it is a red line issue. Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy got rid of water charges in the North when he was Minister and we are committed to doing the same down here. 

 Sinn Féin will have protests right across Dublin tomorrow and will finish in time to allow people travel to the city centre protest later in the afternoon. We are encouraging the public to come out and once again demand an end to water charges. "

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