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Kearney calls for talks to build left wing alliance

30 January, 2015

Sinn Féin chairperson Declan Kearney has called for formal discussions to build a left wing alternative alliance in Ireland. 

The South Antrim Westminster election candidate said; 

"There has been unprecedented upheaval in Irish politics in recent years. It would be premature to say the ongoing flux represents a permanent political realignment, but the status quo nationally has shifted, creating the potential for more change.

"Those on the progressive and republican left need to make that change irreversible by altering the current balance of forces to create a new political realignment.  

"That will only come about through popular support for a credible political alternative which can effectively challenge the conservative power blocs and their policies.

"It is no coincidence that Syriza had such success in the Greek general election, or Podemos has become the largest party in Spain, and, the SNP is on the rise.

"Stark ideological differences now exist over how Irish society should organise itself.  There is a growing polarisation between the interests of citizens’ rights and community, and those of international banks and capital.

"A new critical mass for change is essential.  Political engagement needs to take place among all those genuinely committed to democratic control of the economy, social justice and an agreed, united Ireland.  

"As new international political forces move towards governmental power, formal political discussion should begin in Ireland on how to forge consensus between Sinn Féin, progressive independents, the trade union movement, grass roots communities, and the non-sectarian left, which will ensure the future election of a left coalition in the south dedicated to establishing a new national Republic." 

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