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Affordable childcare must be made available

3 February, 2015 - by Bronwyn McGahan

Sinn Féin MLA Bronwyn McGahan has said the latest comprehensive report into the provision of childcare, 2014 Childcare Costs Survey, highlights more needs to be done to make it affordable to parents.

 Ms McGahan said:

 “I welcome the report by Employers For Childcare Charitable Group into the provision of childcare in the North that highlights the problems we are facing.

 “The fact that many parents are paying up to 44% of their earnings on childcare coupled with the fact that many are using payday loans, credit cards or loans to pay for childcare is very worrying.

 “I am also concerned that 49% of parents are unaware of their full entitlements in relation to childcare. All of this is leading to 51% of those interviewed stating they have either reduced their working hours or gave up work altogether.

 “This has had a detrimental effect to the earning potential of many families as well as to employers who find they are spending valuable resources retraining new staff.

 “If we are to encourage parents into work then we must make affordable childcare a priority so that people can raise their families while pursuing a career.

 “Parents should check out how they can access their full child care entitlements and I will continue to campaign for affordable childcare right across the North.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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