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Sinn Féin seeks public consultation over Newlands Flyover naming

13 February, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Jonathan Graham has said that any decision to name the recently opened Newlands Cross Flyover should follow a period of public consultation similar to the process used by Dublin City Council to name the Rosie Hackett bridge in 2014.

Cllr Graham  said:

“At the November Clondalkin Area Committee a proposal was tabled by Labour Councillor Breeda Bonner to name the Newlands Cross Flyover after journalist Veronica Guerin.

“There was a very constructive and sensitive discussion at the meeting where a range of views were expressed. Some Councillors advocated naming the bridge after a notable local person or event. Others wanted to use the naming in order to give Clondalkin and Tallaght a positive image. 

“My own view was that as there are many families from Clondalkin who have lost loved ones from gangland violence we didn’t want the Council to be perceived as focusing exclusively on one family to the exclusion of others. There was also a strong view from many Councillors that if we were to name the bridge we should consult with the local community before any decision was taken.

“It is also important to note that a memorial to Veronica Guerin has been installed by South Dublin County Council on the N7 which Sinn Féin fully supports.

“The meeting agreed to examine how Dublin City Council named the new Rosie Hackett bridge. A report on this was presented to the January Clondalkin Area Committee and then forwarded to the February Council.

“At the February Council meeting Councillors from a range of parties said that it was not Council practice to name flyovers or motorways. In light of this the Transportation Policy Committee has been tasked to look at developing a policy detailing which pieces of public infrastructure would be named and how the Council should go about naming such locations.

“Media reports that Sinn Féin blocked the naming of the Newlands Flyover after Veronica Guerin are not true. The party has not taken a formal view on the matter as a group. Our party view is that where public infrastructure is to be named there should be a public consultation similar to that successfully used by Dublin City Council before any final decision is made.

“It is deeply unfortunate that some sections of the media have tried to create a controversy where none exists. Sinn Fein has no desire to turn this issue into a political football as that would be deeply disrespectful to the Guerin family.”

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