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Irish Water failing to tackle Dublin's water leaks – Cllr. Daithi Doolan

13 February, 2015 - by Daithí Doolan

Sinn Féin's Cllr. Daithi Doolan has said, "Irish Water is failing to deliver on its most basic promise, to plug the leaks is Dublin's water system."  

Responding to reports that 30% of Dublin water will be lost through leaks in in 2015, Cllr. Doolan said:

“Once again, the basis for establishing Irish water has been exposed as a charade. We were told that the new entity would both prove to be more cost efficient and that it would quickly address the issue of massive leaks within the system.

“Instead, we now have a situation where the taxpayer has handed over almost €2 billion to Irish Water, with borrowing and further subventions to come, without any improvement to the domestic water system. Indeed if anything supply and leaks will become worse due to the ham-fisted manner in which the metering programme is being rolled out. Irish Water have admitted that water pressure will be reduced in the Dublin region. 

 "Dublin residents are now expected to pay three times for water. Once in tax, second time in household charges pumped into Irish Water and now through water charges. This is unacceptable and must change.

“I have said from day one that if even half of what has been spent to date on Irish Water, including executive bonuses, consultants and legal advisors, had been spent on addressing leaks and other structural problems we would not be facing these problems.”

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