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We need an economy that works better for everyone - Tóibín

16 February, 2015

Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín today welcomed the publication of TASCs report on economic inequality in Ireland describing it as further evidence that more equal societies work better for everyone. 

The Sinn Féin Jobs Spokesperson said:

“TASCs report provides government and policy makers with a valuable and detailed analysis of economic inequality in Ireland today, and warns that in the absence of major changes to economic and social policy Ireland is moving towards the very high levels of inequality we see in the United States.”

“We know from Eurostat and OECD data that Ireland has one of the highest rates of underemployment in the EU, and low pay in the developed world. The challenges facing low income households have been compounded by each of the regressive budgets introduced by Fine Gael and Labour over the last four years.”

“Tackling the prevalence of income inequality is fundamental to ensuring Ireland’s recovery is fair and sustainable, but government’s attention must be equally directed towards fair taxation, equitable public service delivery and supports, as well as industrial relations policy.”

“Sinn Féin has long advocated for fair taxation measures that would provide for the investment necessary to deliver equitable first world public services and supports needed to underpin Ireland’s future. Robust employment law supported by a properly resourced workplace relations system levels out the playing field benefiting workers and employers alike.”    

“There are some within Fine Gael and Labour who believe that a steep earnings gradient makes for a healthy economy and argue that wage increases for the poor damages job creation, when in fact the opposite if the case. We need a competitive and efficient economy, one that works better for everyone. TASCs report, ‘Cherishing All Equally: Economic Inequality in Ireland’ published today is a timely and important addition to this debate.” 

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