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Everyone has a right to a place to call home- Cllr Phil Lynam

19 February, 2015 - by Phil Lynam

Dublin Sinn Féin Cllr Phil Lynam has slammed government attempts aimed at easing the current housing crisis.

Speaking today Cllr Lynam said:

“This housing crisis is very real and is affecting hundreds of households across the county.

This year between January and July 267 families became homeless in Dublin, including 549 children. Some of these families are now being housed in hotels.

But the crisis is much larger than these figures suggest and unfortunately I see the human faces behind these figures every day in my clinic.

A number of families I have been working with have become homeless in recent months.

In a lot of cases through no fault of their own, as banks are repossessing homes because landlords do not have the means to pay their mortgages. 

In one case a female tenant told me she had been intimidated by her landlord on a number of occasions.

The water and gas supply was turned off and now as a result she is staying with friends on a sofa with her daughter.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon situation.

Almost 90,000 households are defined as being in housing ‘need’. The majority of these cases relate to private rented accommodation.

Rapid rent increases in recent years –most significantly in Dublin – and the introduction of rent ‘caps’ by the Department of Social Welfare, has meant that more than half of those receiving rent supplement (40,000) have to top up their rent to get access to housing. 

This situation cannot continue. Something needs to be done right away to tackle this crisis. “  

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