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Kathleen Funchion to bring motion on Jake's Law before Kilkenny County Council

20 February, 2015 - by Kathleen Funchion TD

Sinn Féin Councillor Kathleen Funchion will bring a motion before Kilkenny County Council next month calling on the Minister for Transport to pass Jake’s Law.

The decision follows a week in which the Dáil debated a Sinn Féin Private Business motion calling for a statutory speed limit of 20km per hour.

To motion, if passed,will also commit the council to writing to Minister Paschal Donohoe on the issue.

Councillor Funchion said;

“The purpose of the motion is to ensure that Jake’s Law is not lost or buried in an Oireachtas committee. It must be kept high on the political agenda.

“My colleagues on Carlow Council will also be submitting the motion as part of a state-wide initiative.

“Jake’s Law creates a standardised statutory speed limit of 20kmph per hour to apply in housing estates as defined in the legislation. The objective is to introduce a level of safety to those housing estates in which children live, play chasing, kick football, hurl and ride their bicycles.

“Jake’s law deserves the full and active support of the government and the Minister for Transport.

“Fine Gael and the Labour party cannot continue to only passively support this very worthy and necessary legislation.

“Jake’s mother Roseanne and the Brennan family deserve better.

“This is why Sinn Féin has made the decision to submit a motion to every county council in the state calling for support for Jake’s Law.

“I am urging all parties and independents to give their full backing Jake’s Law by voting in favour of the motion when it comes before Kilkenny City Council in March.”

Text of the motion:

That this council. recognising the need for safety for children at play in the housing estates in which they live, calls on the Minister for Transport to pass the Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2015 commonly known as Jake's Law, in memory of Jake Brennan, in order to introduce a new mandatory speed limit of 20km specifically for housing estates. The council further commits to writing to the Minister on this issue and circulating this letter to all other local authorities in the state for their consideration.

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