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Time for Unionists to address their "flag on every lamp-post" tradition

11 November, 2004

"People in Ballymoney Borough are sick and tired of the lack of political courage from within elected Unionism when it comes to the issue of flags", according to Sinn Féin Councillor Philip McGuigan.

Cllr McGuigan said:

"We are now in the month of November and yet we still have flags flying from lampposts in towns and villages in this borough with no attempt by Unionist representatives to address the issue.

"The situation in Cloughmills is an absolute disgrace. This is a mixed village and yet there are currently 25 Union Jacks and other loyalist flags in what is a very small settlement.

"People are left to draw no other conclusion that this is done deliberately with the intention of causing offence to nationalists living there. I also know that the situation is not supported by most Protestants in the village either. It is, in fact, an embarrassment to all decent people who are there.

"I would certainly like to know how 25 tattered and threadbare flags flying outside businesses, churches and houses where they are not wanted is a display of culture. Making a village more nuetral and accomadating to all is in no way a dilution of culture."

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