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O’Brien calls for changes so that government TDs actually know what they’re voting on

26 February, 2015 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin Deputy Whip Jonathan O’Brien today called for Dáil Standing Orders to be amended in order to ensure that members of the government parties who participate in Committee votes actually know what they are voting on.

 The Sinn Féin Cork TD said:

 “Today I called a vote on education legislation in the Education Committee that would expand the evidence students could provide to prove that they are independent or estranged from their families for the purposes of being assessed for SUSI grants.”

 “The Minister has said time and again that it would be addressed and clearly at this stage the Government has no intention of dealing with this matter so I called a vote.”

 “What happened subsequently was that members of the Select Committee who were absent had to be substituted so seven substitutions were made.”

 “Seven TDs then arrived in to vote on this incredibly important issue that affects many vulnerable students’ lives and they barely knew what committee they were standing in let alone what issue they were voting on.”

 “This practice makes a mockery of the committee structure and should really be rectified to prevent it happening in the future and compel members to participate fully in Committee debates and votes.”

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