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DUP discriminating against rural ratepayers in Ballymoney

11 November, 2004

Sinn Féin's Ballymoney Councillor Philip McGuigan has again hit out at the handling of ratepayers money within Ballymoney Borough.

His comments relate to a recent decision by the council to increase the budget for the new stadium at the Riada Centre by £300,000.

Cllr McGuigan said:

"We often hear the DUP give long lectures about streamlining and efficiency when it comes to public finances. Their record however in Ballymoney Council, which they control is anything but efficient.

"Two recent projects spearheaded by the DUP, the town-hall development and now the stadium development, have went over budget by a staggering £500,000. These two projects in total will cost ratepayers £3.2 million. This is not giving the ratepayers of this Borough ŒA Fair Deal‚ as the DUP would put it.

"Because of this massive overspend next year‚s projects will have to be reduced. In effect this will mean that once again rural ratepayers will lose out when it comes to dividing out the council's budget.

"Over the last number of years the majority of money spent on projects have been spent in Ballymoney Town. Rural towns and villages across the Borough with inadequate play facilities, sports pitches, changing rooms, etc. are the victims of DUP inefficiency. The £300,000 overspend of this project would have went a long way to addressing some of these deficiencies."

Cllr McGuigan has demanded that action be taken to bring facilities in rural areas up-to-date. ENDS

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