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Nationalists believe UDA were responsible for attack on Danny O'Connor's home

15 November, 2004

Sinn Féin East Antrim Representative Cllr. Oliver McMullan has said that nationalists in Larne believe that the UDA were responsible for an attack on the home of SDLP Cllr. Danny O'Connor last night.

Cllr. McMullan said:

"Last night a number of men attacked Danny O'Connor's car and home. They fled after Mr O'Connor fired four shots at them. This is the latest in what can be only described as a campaign of violence at intimidation against Danny O'Connor and his family.

"Local people and the O'Connor family believe that the UDA in Larne has been behind this campaign. It is ironic that the latest attack came on the very day that the UDA announced that they were pursuing a peaceful path.

"Nationalists in Larne want the UDA off their backs. Some may have hoped that yesterday's statement would mark the end of their violent anti-Catholic campaign. The UDA need to realise that they will be judged not on fine words but on actions. Last nights attack on Danny O'Connor's home is unacceptable and unwarranted and will only add to people's scepticism regarding future UDA intentions." ENDS

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