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Lord Laird attack on all Ireland bodies driven by political agenda

15 November, 2004

ammes bodies have delivered huge benefits for communities - unionist and nationalist - in many parts of the north and in the border area. Waterways Ireland is trying to unlock the potential of the waterways and since the establishment of Tourism Ireland we have seen tourist figures increase and increase.

"It is clear that in many areas that the future of specific sectors such as agriculture and tourism demand greater urgency in developing the single Ireland identity both in terms of building a strong brand image and in removing wasteful duplication.

"Lord Laird's attack is politically motivated and based on a distortion of the facts. This money is not being wasted, it is being put to good use - what is wasteful is the duplication of services and resources on this small island. These bodies do nothing to undermine unionist, protestant or Ulster-Scots communities. This is simply paranoia." ENDS

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