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Assault on Fallujah must end

15 November, 2004

Sinn Féin MEPs Bairbre de Brún (6 Counties) and Mary Lou McDonald (Dublin) have today issued a joint statement calling for the Iraqi Red Cross and Iraqi Red Crescent to be allowed "unrestricted access to the civilians of Fallujah to provide medical and food aid and for the assault on Fallujah to end immediately".

The Sinn Féin MEPs were speaking after a week of intense fighting in the Iraqi city and amidst reports that relief services have been prohibited entry to the city.

Speaking from Strasburg, both MEPs said:

"We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis in Fallujah. The city has been relentlessly bombed for the past week and the civilians left in the city are suffering. People have been hemmed into their homes with many left without basic amenities such as fresh running water. I am calling for the assault on Fallajuh to end immediately and for the relevant relief services to be allowed unrestricted access to the civilians of Fallujah for provision and distribution of medical and food aid.

"A recent survey conducted by John Hopkins University and published in the Lancet conservatively estimates a death toll in excess of 100,000, since the US and British invasion of Iraq last March. The Iraqi people are suffering immensely as a result of the continuing occupation." ENDS

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