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SDLP need to explain “Lynch Law” comment - Fearon

27 February, 2015 - by Megan Fearon

Sinn Féin MLA for Newry and Armagh Megan Fearon has called on the SDLP candidate in the forthcoming elections, Justin McNulty, to explain what exactly he means by the terms “Lynch Law” when speaking about the booby trapping of a poster in South Armagh.

Speaking today Ms Fearon said:

“Those responsible for attaching a pipe bomb to a poster which insulted and denigrated members of the local community are nothing short of criminals. It was attempted murder.

“Their actions follow the wider community taking a stand in support of accountable policing and against the actions of these criminals and bullyboys.

“This bomb was the latest in a series of attacks designed to intimidate this community. It won’t work.

“The First and Deputy First ministers made a stand against these criminals and that is precisely what is needed, a united front in the face of such actions.

“The question for the SDLP is why their local candidate sees fit to call the leaving of this device “Lynch Law” implying the victim had done something wrong.

“This device was aimed at anyone from this community who opposes these criminals and who would have removed this poster.

“They SDLP have offended the victims family and they should either explain their remarks or withdraw them.”

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