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Any proposals must be grounded in GFA

16 November, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly Group leader Conor Murphy today said that any proposals coming from the two governments aimed at breaking the current impasse in the process 'had to be grounded in the fundamentals of the Good Friday Agreement'.

Mr Murphy said:

" The reason we have not achieved a comprehensive deal is the DUPs continued opposition to the fundamentals of the Good Friday Agreement. In particular they have targeted its all-Ireland and the power sharing core.

" If there is going to be a deal then that deal can only be based on the framework provided by the Good Friday Agreement. There can be no other way.

" Therefore any proposals which the two governments bring forward to try and end the current impasse must be grounded solidly in the fundamentals of the Agreement.

" If the DUP continue to stall and continue to oppose the will of the overwhelming majority of people of the island then it is important that the two governments advance speedily the process of change." ENDS

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