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Joan Burton and the Labour Party 'living in denial’ – Mary Lou McDonald

28 February, 2015 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking at the conclusion of the Labour Party annual conference, Sinn Féin Vice President, Mary Lou McDonald TD said;

“Over the past two days we have witnessed a party in denial of the impact of their policies and dismissive of any criticism.

“The Labour Party came to power on the back of broken promises. In devising the programme for government, Joan Burton was one of the key architects of austerity.

“Over the past four years she has actively advocated austerity which undermined public services, removed medical cards, cut welfare and Child Benefit and watched as trolley waits grew.

“This is a Labour party that imposed water charges and property tax on struggling families, while wages fell, rents increased and evictions were made easier.

“The party of Connolly now routinely dismisses anyone opposed to these policies as workshy trouble makers

“In reverting to type, the conference and address was punctuated with a combination of scare tactics and promises that would even make Pat Rabbitte blush

“The Labour party under Joan Burton have squandered any hope that citizens may have invested in this government and left many in fear of unemployment, eviction, emigration and debt.

“The people face a clear choice between more of the same; more broken promises and growing inequality, or a progressive government led by Sinn Féin with a mandate to deliver real and lasting change.

“If Joan Burton is confident in the achievements of Labour in government, let her go to the people.”

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