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Sinn Féin calls on Dublin Bus to withdraw threat to end services in Ballybrack and Loughlinstown

16 November, 2004

Dún Laoghaire Sinn Féin representative, Michael Nolan, has called on Dublin Bus to withdraw its threat to end bus services in the Ballybrack and Loughlinstown areas because of anti-social behaviour in the area. Dublin Bus made the threat, through a letter (see below) handed to schoolchildren in the area, following repeated problems of anti-social behaviour against the company's buses and drivers. Mr. Nolan said he "fully accepted that Dublin Bus and its staff had faced problems of abuse, intimidation and general loutish behaviour in the area" but he went on to say that "the whole community should not be made to suffer because of the actions of a few."

Mr Nolan said, "Local residents are only too well aware of the problems being perpetrated by a few delinquent individuals in the area. Dublin Bus is not alone in facing those problems. There is an ongoing problem with car theft, motorbike theft, house break-ins, vandalism, drug dealing, intimidation and on a number of occasions vicious assaults. Most people in the area can readily identify the small number of individuals involved. The Gardai know who they are. The local authorities know who they are.

"What there has been is a failure on behalf of the statutory agencies to deal with this problem. This in turn has led to a growing frustration amongst the general population, especially in the Loughlinstown area.

"But for Dublin Bus to now threaten to withdraw its services from the area is unacceptable and will only heap misery upon misery. The people of Loughlinstown and Ballybrack cannot be penalised and punished because of the actions of a few mindless and moronic thugs. I can sympathise with Dublin Bus and obviously their staff safety is a priority but I would ask that they withdraw the threat, especially the threat to end the complimentary services they provide for community groups, and to sit down with the community to see what can be done about the overall problem of anti-social behaviour in the area."

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