Families hit hardest by austerity - Doherty

7 March, 2015 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Anuraidh, tar éis cúlú eacnamaíocht fhada agus marbhántach, bhí borradh le feiceáil san geilleagar Éireannach. Chuir mise, agus achan Éireannach eile, fáilte roimh an dul chun chinn seo.

Ba mhaith leis an rialtas seo dallamullóg  a chur oraibh nuair a insíonn siad daoibh go raibh na ciorratha agus déine taobh thiar den bhorradh seo – a mhalairt de scéal atá ann leoga.

I ndáirire, shín beartais déine an gearrchéim seo amach, agus Bhí siad ina gcúis leis é dul in olcais. Níos measa na sin, tá na h-impleachtaí tromchúiseacha fós le feiceáil sa tsochaí.

We know that families, the young and the poor, were the hardest hit by austerity and its effects; while those responsible for the recession, its chief architects, have gone unscathed.

This government would also have you believe that it is they who are best placed steer that growth.

How can the very people who acted so unfairly during the recession be trusted to deliver a fair recovery? Do you honestly believe that under Fine Gael, any upturn in our economy will be felt by the working classes.

Do you believe that the Labour Party, the same party which cut child benefit and jobseekers’ allowance is in any way interested in restoring dignity to the masses?

They are not going to create a fair recovery because they have no interest in fairness. We know because we have lived through four years where they have hit the most vulnerable while protecting the wealthy.

We know because last October when, for the first time, they had space in the budget to undo some of the damage which austerity has done, they instead chose to use this budget to make the richest in society richer and the poorest in society even poorer.

Sinn Féin will create a fair recovery.

Tax should no longer be about shifting the burden onto the poorest while protecting the wealthy. Instead, we will build a fair tax system based on solidarity.

Sinn Féin will abolish he water charges and scrap the tax on family homes. And instead, we will introduce a third rate of tax on individual incomes above 100,000, clamp down on tax avoidance and introduce a wealth tax.

A fair recovery for us means no return to a cosseted elite gambling recklessly knowing that they have friends in high places to protect them and knowing that, if they lose out, the taxpayer will save them.

For us a recovery is about investing in our people’s future – investing in secure well paid jobs; investing in universal public services; investing in strong, vibrant and sustainable communities, creating a society in which we can take very real and lasting pride.

A fair recovery means no return to a partitioned economy devoid of regional balance, where rural Ireland is just a mere afterthought.

For us a recovery is about dealing with the tens of thousands of families in mortgage distress.

 That is why Sinn Féin will remove the veto from the banks, give greater protection to family homes and reduce the bankruptcy period from three years down to one.

A fair recovery also means dealing with our unsustainable high levels of public debt.

We will also apply for retrospective recapitalisation of our banks from the ESM and place debt sustainability at the core of our negotiations with our EU partners.

We will craft a new approach to the economic policy that is socially equitable and environmentally sustainable.

A chairde, a fair recovery is possible, a fair recovery can be delivered and with your support we will be the party that delivers it.