Martina Anderson's speech to the Ard Fheis 2015 live section

7 March, 2015 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Republicanism is on the rise.

The 1916 Proclamation asserts "the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies."
Not only in Ireland but across the world we see people asserting their right to control their destinies.
Oligarchs and elites, global corporations, speculators, occupiers and colonisers are under increasing pressure.
People are crying out for control of their own destinies.

Republicanism is on the rise.

In the Basque Country the peace strategy of SORTU is creating an unstoppable dynamic for political progress.
This is part of the broader assertion of national rights in places like Catalonia and Galicia.
And this is linking in with the broader anti-austerity movement across the Spanish state.

In Scotland the independence referendum affirmed that the consent of the people is required for a government to govern. That consent can be withdrawn to allow for a peaceful and democratic transition to other forms of government.

In Greece the new government has restored hope and dignity to the Greek people. It has given the people pride that the government they elected is on their side – working in their interests.

Republicanism is on the rise.

In Athens it is called SYRIZA;
In Madrid it is called Podemos;
And in Ireland it is called Sinn Fein.

Republicanism is on the rise.

The proclamation guarantees religious and civil liberties, equal rights and equal opportunities, the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation, cherishing all the children of the nation equally.
These values are universal.
And they are being increasingly asserted across the world.

Only Sinn Fein has the vision and the credibility to assert the place of Ireland among the nations of the world.
Not Enda Kenny's Ireland, but a new Ireland, a new Republic - an Ireland that will stand firm against the cabinet of millionaires in London and will assert the interests of the people of Ireland over those of the Irish and European elites.

As part of this international republican struggle over the years we have developed many friendships and alliances. None has been more important than our friendship with the Palestinian people.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome.... (Palestinian speaker)