Irish Unity the build up to 2016- Cllr Denise Mitchell

7 March, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

We meet here in this conference centre in Derry as ordinary members of Sinn Féin.

Next year marks 100 years from the Easter Rising.

Irish politics north and south is undergoing the biggest shake up since partition.

We in Sinn Féin are not just members of a political party.

We part of a greater movement.

A movement of dedicated to a common goal

To build a better Ireland.

To create a fairer Ireland.

To deliver a United Ireland

Sinn Féin are committed to securing a referendum on Irish Unity

Sinn Féin are committed to ensuring that we the people of Ireland north and south exercise our right self-determination in a lawful, agreed, respectful, democratic manner

We can ensure Ireland’s future is in Ireland’s hands.

We can deliver a government in Ireland that represents all the people of Ireland

That is elected by all the people of Ireland

A government which protects all the people of Ireland

I tell you what it won’t be

It won’t be a government or an administration that is only interested in representing a proportion of our people

A government that is interested in maintaining British control in the north and partition in the south

Britain is fighting hard to maintain its grip on Ireland

The establishment in the south of Ireland is fighting hard to hold on to partition

They will not win

Their aim is to tell us the people of Ireland how impossibly difficult it would be for all of us together to run our own country.

But we are the Innovators, industrialists, and educators.

We will not let anyone tell us that we the people of Ireland north and south are not good enough to run our own affairs

Partition was wrong in the 1920’s and it is wrong today

We have everything we need to build a better, stronger, fairer Ireland

We need to mobilise all the talents and the potential of all of our people.

We need to build a better Ireland which delivers opportunity and prosperity for all our people

We can end the days in which the combined talent of Ireland is wasted and the combined opportunity of Ireland denied