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Murphy - Browne removal highlights flaws of direct rule

13 June, 2003

Commenting on the move by British Direct Rule Minister Des Browne from the NI0, Newry & Armagh Sinn Fein Representative Conor Murphy said:

" The removal of Des Browne from the NI0 and the series of portfolios he carries will inevitably cause disjoint and confusion. The face that Direct Rule Ministers can be moved around at the whim of Tony Blair is one of the reasons that the entire Direct Rule Administration must be removed.

" This action serves as a timely reminder of the flaws of Direct Rule and the need to see the re-establishment of the political institutions. Decisions taken in London by Direct Rule Ministers or their superiors in the Cabinet are taken with British interests in mind. They are not taken with the interests of local people as a priority. You only have to look at the situation around Water Charges to see that." ENDS

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