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NERI update affirms that Irish Unity makes economic and political sense – Carthy

19 March, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West, Matt Carthy, speaking today in response to NERI's Quarterly Economic Update for Spring 2015 said;

"The findings published this morning found that the economic outlook differs for both parts of the island of Ireland. In the 26 counties, economic growth was centered on the greater Dublin area while in my own constituency of Midlands North West there has been a very worrying decline in employment opportunities.”

“Furthermore, in the 6 counties it was found that much economic uncertainty remains, deriving from the impact of Sterlings appreciation against the Euro alongside unclear prospects for the forthcoming General Election and a possible European Union membership referendum in 2017.”

“These findings reiterate that partition has had a divisive and debilitating effect. An all-Ireland economy is not political rhetoric but is a necessity. The economies of Ireland, North and South are interlinked and interdependent and there are no advantages to having an island nation of 6.4 million on the edge of Europe with two separate tax regimes, two currency and legal systems and two separate economies.”

“There is a growing recognition by the business community of the economic sense of an all-island economy with a joined up agriculture sector and health sector. Duplication of services has impacted negatively on all our peoples’ wellbeing.”

Carthy, who is a member of both the European Parliament's Economic & Monetary Affairs and Agriculture & Rural Development Committees, further stated;

“The findings today further highlighted that the highest risk of low pay is for employees in the agricultural, forestry and fishing sector where seven out of every ten employees are low paid.”

“That means that 70 percent of those working in our rural communities are struggling to survive. Unfortunately, this will come as no surprise to those living in these regions; however, it is absolutely unacceptable that rural Ireland and its people are continually being neglected. “

“Rural Ireland has been badly let down by successive Governments and these figures once again highlight the impact of failed Government policy on rural areas.”

“What is needed is a focus on economic and agricultural policies across the island of Ireland which will deliver prosperity and equality for our people, promote economic growth and trade for our rural communities and small and medium sized enterprises, safeguard public services and create and sustain jobs.”

“Partition never made economic sense. A new stronger economy arising from the integration of both existing states into a new, agreed island economic unit can deliver sustainable prosperity that the present status quo is incapable of delivering.”

“In short - an all-Ireland economy and society makes sense for everyone”


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