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Osborne's Budget offers little for our economy - Flanagan

19 March, 2015 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin Enterprise spokesperson Phil Flanagan has slammed the British austerity budget as being of little benefit to our economy.

Phil Flanagan said:

“The main message coming out of this budget is that the Tory Chancellor is determined to continue on the failed path of austerity regardless of the devastation it will inflict on the most vulnerable in society.

“The continued emphasis on austerity only maintains the unbearable financial pressures that increasing numbers of families and individuals are suffering under.

"Disposable incomes here continue to diminish under this British government and the strain on the local economy is unremitting.

“The increase in the minimum wage is insignificant and it will have little or no impact on the living conditions of the increasing numbers being employed on zero hour contracts.

“George Osborne also remains wedded to attacks on public services and welfare protections for the most vulnerable in society.

“Rather than continued austerity budgets imposed by Westminster it is time that the other parties joined us in demanding the powers that will enable us to devise our own economic strategy.

“It is Sinn Féin’s belief that the people on this island are best placed to construct, manage and grow the economy for the benefits of the people here.

“To do that we need the full transfer of fiscal powers to the Executive.

“With confidence in our own ability we can make the change by designing policies relevant to our circumstances. An all-Ireland economy co-operating with interconnected and interdependent economies – including Britain will benefit all residents of this island and threaten no one.”

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