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Ó Broin selected to contest Dublin Mid-West

24 March, 2015 - by Eoin O'Broin

Sinn Féin Clondalkin Councillor Eoin Ó Broin has been selected to contest the Dublin Mid-West seat at the forthcoming general election. Ó Broin was unanimously selected at a Sinn Féin constituency convention in the Ballyowen Community Centre on Wednesday 18th March. He was proposed by Cllr Jonathan Graham and seconded by Cllr Danny O’Brien.

Speaking after his selection Ó Broin said:

‘It is a great honour to be selected by your peers to contest a general election. It is also a big responsibility demanding significant work and dedication to help deliver the seat for Sinn Féin and our supporters across Clondalkin, Lucan, Palmerstown, Newcastle and Rathcoole.

‘Dublin Mid-West has four Government TDs and across the constituency people are angry and feel led down by these four politicians. They are angry at the lies that the government parties told to get into office. And they are angry at the negative impact that Government decisions are having on people’s lives.

‘Thanks to Fine Gael and Labour the housing crisis they inherited from Fianna Fail has gotten worse.

‘They have cut spending on social housing by 25% bringing new building to a halt. In 2014 South Dublin County Council built no new houses. This year we will start 15 new builds but even they won’t be tenanted until next year. And despite all of Alan Kelly’s big talk of investment in housing the Council still has not been told what our allocation for 2015 is.

‘Meanwhile the private rental sector is in crisis as government failure to introduce rent controls has led to spiralling rents. Every week more families are forced into homelessness because of this.

‘And thanks to decisions which all four Government TDs in Dublin Mid-West supported banks are repossessing more and more homes.

‘The government and its four TDs are also failing people on the jobs front. While live register numbers are falling this is not being matched by a significant increase in employment.

‘Dublin Mid West is a good example of the two tier nature of the Fine Gael-Labour recovery. Families are being forced to emigrate, others have moved onto slave wage employment schemes and others have left the labour force altogether.

‘In many parts of the constituency we have unemployment rates more than double the state average. Why? Because Fine Gael and Labour have failed to invest the funds they promised in the 2011 election.

‘It has also failed to support small and medium sized employers by tackling high rents and utility charges.

‘The local economy has also been hit by the Governments stealth charges, tax hikes and cuts to social welfare and pensions.

‘Dublin Mid-West has also been heavily hit by cuts to the community sector. Women’s projects, youth projects, drugs services, educational projects for people with disabilities and travellers have all seen their funding slashed, in some cases by up to 50%.

‘The most recent change in community sector funding –the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme- introduced by this Government has resulted in further cuts and created widespread concern of loss of jobs and services.

‘Dublin Mid-West urgently needs real investment in housing, employment and our community services.

‘People are fed up with the spin and lies. They are fed up with the unfair two tier Fine Gael and Labour so called recovery. They don’t just want a change of Government, they want a change of direction. None of the four sitting Government TDs are safe in the upcoming general election.

‘Sinn Féin will be setting out a very clear message. If you want more of the same vote for the same politicians who have failed you in the past. If you want real change vote Sinn Féin.’ 

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